Jane Berman



Even in the midst of a bloody intifada, kibbutz Kerem El felt immune to violent death—until the murder of Reb Elijah Lachmann in the synagogue. But was this murder the work of a terrorist, or do darker secrets lurk in the Carmel Mountains?

Newly divorced psychologist Rachel Shine heads back to her childhood home to comfort the Rebbe’s daughter. When she agrees to treat the traumatized kibbutzniks, she is plunged into a whirlpool of age-old angers and violent passions. Her encounter with enigmatic detective Absalom Brill makes her wonder about love, but first she must solve the mysteries that swirl around her—or be swept under for good.

Suspense-filled and atmospheric, Unkosher Slaughter explores not only Rachel’s struggle with her present and past, but the dramatic threads woven through the fabric of Israeli society today.

Editorial Review: Hadassah Magazine

"Jane Berman has written an absorbing, fast-paced murder mystery... Berman creates fully fleshed characters."

By Zelda Shluker July 2016

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Born and raised on the mean streets of 1950’s Brooklyn, Jane Berman has always been fascinated by crime fiction. She has devoured everything from Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie to contemporary mysteries set in far-flung locations. Writing a murder mystery of her own was only a matter of time.

In 1969 she became an idealistic immigrant to Israel and immersed herself in her new country. The rich cultural and political landscape has become the backdrop of her first published novel.

Recently retired from a long English teaching career, Jane now writes full time, always with a strong cup of coffee at her elbow. She shares her mountaintop home in northern Israel with her husband. She has three children, five grandchildren, and three cats that rule the house with an iron paw.